Inventor Creates Hoverboard That Looks Like Green Goblin's Glider

While the hoverboards that shaped Back to the Future Part II's vision of 2015 are still quite a ways away from being marketed to most consumers, the technology does cost-prohibitive fashion.

That means clever inventors have been working to make it more accessible, more affordable and, in some cases, even more geeky than it already was.

Enter Montreal inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru, the word record-holder for the longest hoverboard flight, who has now created a new board that looks more like the glider used by Spider-Man villain the Green Goblin.

You can check out a news report speaking with Duru below.


He doesn't cite any specific references for the board, although the CBC, who ran the report, cite both Back to the Future and Spider-Man.

He does say, though, that he's working on another new prototype that will take him even farther and remain aloft even longer.