Iron Man 3: Mandarin is a Figurehead?

In a new interview with Showbiz411, Iron Man 3 star James Badge Dale has laid out the basic command structure of the film's villains -- one which seems to suggest that The Mandarin isn't quite the criminal mastermind we've been led to believe up until now.

“Ben Kingsley is the mouthpiece. Guy Pearce is the brain. I’m the muscle,” the actor said.

That seems to suggest that Pearce, who barely appears, may actually be the driving force behind the Mandarin's plots, with Kingsley being more of a symbolic than practical leader.

Pearce, of course, plays Aldrich Killan, while Jamed Badge Dale plays Eric Savin, the soldier who became Coldblood in the comics.  Ashley Hamilton also plays Firepower in the film, according to various reports, although neither he nor Dale have appeared in trailers or photos yet, calling into question exactly how large their roles might be.