Iron Man 3 Trailer Teaser: Seven Scenes Dissected With Details

Iron Man 3 Tony Stark leaves hospital

Earlier today, Marvel Studios released the first official Iron Man 3 footage to the general public (not counting special screenings at Comic Cons and other events). The Iron Man 3 trailer teaser is only eighteen seconds long, and part of that eighteen seconds is black screen and a promo for the full Iron Man 3 trailer which will be released Tuesday. However, there are a lot of revelations in those few seconds we get to see of the film, and has compiled a detailed analysis of each scene (some of it based on what we saw on the Iron Man 3 set in Wilmington, North Carolina).

Iron Man 3 Tony Sark and media

Tony Stark Visits Hospital – In the first scene in the Iron Man 3 teaser trailer, Tony Stark is shown being mobbed by the press as he leaves a building. can confirm that the building Tony Stark is leaving is a hospital. The scene was filmed at New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington, North Carolina. However, as you can see from our exclusive Iron Man 3 set photos, a sign indicates in the movie, it will actually be set at Los Angeles Mercy Hospital. Sources on the set also indicated to that Gwyneth Paltrow was inside the hospital filming a scene, so it’s a pretty good bet that Tony Stark was at the hospital visiting Pepper Potts.

Iron Man 3 Hall Of Armor

Robot In A Dunce Cap – In the second scene in the Iron Man 3 teaser trailer, Iron Man is striking a pose in front of the Hall of Armor. What’s even more interesting is there is a robot in the background wearing a dunce cap, who appears to be pulling an Iron Man helmet out through broken glass. We’re not sure why the robot is wearing a dunce cap, but maybe it has something to do with the robot being prone to forgetting to open the glass when retrieving Iron Man’s helmet.

Iron Man 3 helicopters

Helicopter Attack Malibu Mansion – In the third scene, helicopters are shown innocently flying over the ocean. However, their mission is not so innocent as footage at the San Diego Comic Con revealed that these helicopters are on their way to destroy Tony Stark’s Malibu mansion.

Iron Man 3 Tony Stark reacts

Tony Stark Reacts – In the fourth scene, Tony Stark is shown reacting in apparent surprise to something. We’re not sure exactly what he is reacting to, but maybe it’s the impending helicopter attack on his mansion.

Iron Man 3 The Mandarin Revealed

The Back Of The Mandarin’s Head Revealed – In the fifth scene, the back of The Mandarin’s head is shown. Since it’s only a teaser trailer, Marvel Studios is likely saving the front view of The Mandarin for the full trailer. While The Mandarin doesn’t appear to be wearing his rings, he is holding a gun. The Mandarin appears to be in a building that is part rubble, which makes us wonder if it was filmed in the rubble that we saw on the Iron Man 3 set in Rose Hill, North Carolina.

Iron Man 3 Pepper Potts in distress


Pepper Potts In Distress – In the sixth scene, Pepper Potts appears to be restrained in some type of mechanical harness. While some have speculated that Pepper Potts could be wearing the Rescue armor, it looks more like some type of torture device. Given the expression on Pepper’s face, she doesn’t appear to be having a very pleasant time.

Iron Man 3 Iron Man catching people

Iron Man Saves Falling People – In the seventh scene, Iron Man is shown flying toward some falling objects. As was revealed by Iron Man 3 set photos, the falling objects are actually people. There has been quite a bit of evidence that there is a plane crash scene in Iron Man 3, so we would assume that the people falling from the sky are part of the aftermaths of that plane crash scene.