Iron Man 3 Trailer To Air With The Avengers?

Iron Man 3 Trailer

Label this as pure speculation for now, but rumors are starting to surface that Disney could premiere the first official Iron Man 3 trailer with The Avengers when it returns to theaters this Labor Day weekend. While it might seem unlikely that Disney could keep anything as big as an Iron Man 3 trailer premiering under wraps, there are a couple signs that a trailer could be ready to go for just such an occasion.

Earlier this month, an Iron Man 3 trailer description leaked, which matched up pretty well with some scenes we have heard about while covering Iron Man 3 filming in Wilmington, North Carolina. If this leaked Iron Man 3 trailer description was legit, then it makes sense that people would have seen it earlier this month if it was being prepared to add on to The Avengers re-release.

Also, news just surfaced that MovieFest attendees in Dublin, Ireland will be treated to some exclusive Iron Man 3 footage on the weekend after Labor Day. While it could just be the Comic-Con footage being shown in Ireland for the first time, it could also be an indication that Disney prepared footage for a trailer for The Avengers re-release and then decided MovieFest would be another good opportunity to show it.

It certainly would make sense for Disney to attach an Iron Man 3 trailer to The Avengers to start building buzz. It would also be an added incentive to encourage people to go see The Avengers again. However, the one big argument against the rumor is if it were true, then why hasn’t Disney officially announced it yet? It’s probably not something that they would want to keep secret, since it could help make the Avengers re-release an even bigger success.