Iron Man's New Role: Tool of the Insurance Industry

Marvel Florida Blue WellPoint

Marvel Custom Solutions have teamed with WellPoint and Florida Blue to produce a new, one-shot comic starring Iron Man as a crusader for the public health. Guest starring "The Habit Heroes," a group of WellPoint costumed mascots who teach people healthy living practices like diet and exercise, the issue sees Iron Man battling on behalf of a city "under attack from evil forces that drain the will and desire to do anything that’s active or healthy!  You can’t see them, you can’t hear them, but you can feel Habit Hazards stealing your energy, dehydrating you, and keeping you from making healthy eating decisions."

“Thanks to his armor, Iron Man can fly through the air and fire repulsor rays, but inside that hi-tech suit is Tony Stark, who, like us, is always learning new ways to make healthy decisions,” said Marvel editor Bill Rosemann. “All of us at Marvel are proud to help readers of all ages realize that everyone—even Super Heroes—need to practice positive habits each day. And thanks to the unique mix of the power and relatability of the Marvel characters, we do it via  an exciting and entertaining comic book!”

The 20-page comic also includes a special “Habit Heroes Training Guide” insert to help kids learn to incorporate healthy habits into their daily lives.

“At WellPoint, we are focused on helping people get healthy and stay healthy,” said Patrick Blair, chief marketing officer. “The goal of the Habit Heroes Iron Man comic book experience aligns with our commitment to help inspire families to lead healthier lives, and is part of our broader efforts to provide the tools and resources needed to help families achieve this goal. With National Child Health Day just around the corner, this is a perfect time to introduce the comic book and remind families that working together makes it fun and easy to make healthy choices.”

According to the announcement, Marvel, Florida Blue and WellPoint’s health plans worked closely with third-party health and wellness experts to create a comic book that conveys a positive message about healthy lifestyles in an empowering way. The comic will be available in English and Spanish, in both print and digital forms, and will be distributed to children and families at a variety of community events throughout Florida and WellPoint’s health plan service areas in California, Nevada, Colorado, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, and portions of New York, Virginia and Missouri. Presumably the digital version will be available everywhere through the Marvel App and/or the Florida Blue and WellPoint websites.


Pat Geraghty, chairman and CEO, Florida Blue, said, “I am extremely excited about this effort. With the health care industry dramatically changing, one thing we all need to be focused on is being proactive about our health.” He went on to say, “If we can create a fun experience for children and families to help further their health, we get one step closer to accomplishing our mission of helping people and communities achieve better health.”

Other recent Marvel Custom Solutions products have included comics and posters made in cooperation with Benefit Cosmetics, Cirque du Soleil, the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia Eagles.