Is Elektra In The Daredevil TV Series?

Daredevil Executive Producer Steven DeKnight has been fielding fan questions on Twitter. When a fan asked why Elektra is not in the Daredevil TV series, Deknight answered, "Because wait and see."

While DeKnight's answer isn't exactly a confirmation that Elektra will appear, he certainly seems to be suggesting that fans shouldn't assume that she won't appear eventually.

On the other hand, it could be interpreted as him saying “Because wait and see what a great reason we have for Elektra not being in the show,” but it’s hard to imagine a Daredevil adaptation that didn’t take advantage of his most popular rival/love interest.

For a little history, Elektra Natchios is a ninja assassin with ties to The Hand, created by Frank Miller in Daredevil #168 in 1981, who uses twin sais as her signature weapons. Elektra became a love interest for Matt Murdock, but was torn between her desire to be with Matt and her violent lifestyle. She was eventually killed by Bullseye in one of the most iconic issues of Daredevil ever printed. Subsequent use of the character has been controversial, as Marvel had originally promised Miller that they would not resurrect Elektra without his permission. Some believed the revelation that the modern Elektra was a Skrull prior to the Secret Invasion crossover may have been a backdoor way of retroactively keeping that promise, but the real Elektra has since appeared as a member of the Marvel NOW! Thunderbolts, and is currently starring in her own solo series.

Elektra was played by Jennifer Garner in the 2003 Daredevil movie, opposite Ben Affleck’s Daredevil, and got her own spinoff film. Both were poorly received by fans and critics and many are eager for Marvel Studios to put her back on screen, hoping that they will be more successful at doing her justice.

Marvel’s announcement that Rosario Dawson had joined the cast of their Daredevil television series has fueled all kinds of speculation that she could be playing any of Matt Murdock’s past love interests, including Elektra. Marvel’s description of Dawson’s unnamed characters said, "a dedicated young woman whose quest to heal the wounds of Hell’s Kitchen brings Matt Murdock unexpectedly crashing into her life, while her own journey forever alters the course of his battle against the injustices of this broken city." We’ve speculated previously that Maya Lopez, a.k.a. Echo and Ronin, matches that description best, but Marvel has yet to confirm anything.


DeKnight fielded a few others question, like “is it time to leak the costume?” (Nope), “Will you be at Comic-Con?” (Too busy), and “Was that you filming in Harlem?” (No comment).

Daredevil, starring Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, will premiere on Netflix in 2015.