Is Superman Logo Hidden In The Dark Knight Rises Poster?

The Dark Knight Rises Poster

The first poster for The Dark Knight Rises has been released, and Batman movie fans are pleased. The poster shows various buildings crumbling to form the familiar Batman logo at the top. However, Batman’s logo might not be the only superhero logo in the poster.

If one looks at the lower bottom half of the poster, there appears to be another possible image taking shape in the poster. One of the images looks an awful lot like a blurry Superman logo. If you zoom in on the poster, the image becomes even more blurry, but there still appears to be a familiar “S” shape.


Superman Logo The Dark Knight Rises poster

Did Christopher Nolan have the Superman logo intentionally included in The Dark Knight Rises poster? Christopher Nolan is the producer on the upcoming Superman: Man of Steel movie. Could the Superman logo be intended as an Easter Egg for fans?