Is The PlayStation 4 Slim Releasing In September?

(Photo: Sony)

Just yesterday, photos began circulating online of what appeared to be a much smaller PlayStation 4 console. Shortly after the pictures were spotted, fans began speculating about whether Sony was planning to release a PlayStation 4 Slim - and, apparently, they are. If sources are correct, then Sony will reportedly be rolling out their slim model later this September.

Of course, many fans are already aware that Sony is hosting a special event on September 7th where they're largely expected to unveil their upgraded PlayStation 4 model, Neo. The press event would also be the perfect time for Sony to announce the PlayStation 4 Slim. And, as Eurogamer is reporting, it looks like the new model will probably go on sale shortly after the event.

"Sony will hold an event on 7th September in New York…Eurogamer understands the PS4 Slim will be released shortly after this event, later in September," they site says. "We don't know how much it will cost, however, but the expectation is it will be cheaper than the original PS4."

While fans are certainly surprised the PlayStation 4 Slim was leaked in the first place, the console itself isn't that much of a shocker. After all, a smaller console could appeal to a new audience of gamers who're not sold on dropping cash on Sony's more expensive Neo. After all, the new PlayStation 4 model won't only be smaller but less expensive than the current console's price tag.

And, what's more, a slim console could appeal towards more casual gamers who're looking to purchase a home console. The advent of mobile gaming has taken the world by storm, and other future generation consoles like Nintendo's NX are allegedly looking to capitalize on that growing market. If Sony's PlayStation 4 Slim can persuade mobile gamers to jump into the console market, then they might be able to gain new converts.

As always, Sony hasn't commented on the slim's all-but-verified leak, and they likely won't until their press event takes place. But it looks likes fans are really just waiting to hear when the PlayStation 4 Slim will hit shelves. Sure, they're are also curious about the console's specs, but gamers seem to agree that the question is not 'if' Sony will release the model but 'when.'

However, if Sony should announce their intentions to drop the PlayStation 4 Slim in September, they won't be the first company to have brought a slim console to gamers. In fact, Microsoft debuted their Xbox One S recently and are currently working on their upgraded console which bares the codename, Project Scorpio.


So, if you've been planning to go all in for a PlayStation 4, you may want to wait a little bit - or, at least, just until September 7th. After all, a new PlayStation 4 model looks like it'll be hitting the market and it might be something you want to get in on.