It's Cyborg Monday!

Online retailers call today Cyber Monday, and they offer a variety of deals and specials. You can get TVs and stuff for like a dollar…well, maybe not a dollar, but really cheap. Since we don’t sell TVs on, we’ve developed our own spin on Cyber Monday, which we call Cyborg Monday, where we post pictures of our favorite Cyborgs.

Cyborg Monday CyborgCyborg – What would Cyborg Monday be without Cyborg from the Teen mean Justice League in the new DC Universe.

Cyborg Monday The Six Million Dollar ManThe Six Million Dollar Man – If an online retailer was selling the Six Million Dollar Man on Cyber Monday then he would be like the Buck Fifty Man.

Cyborg Monday Cyborg SupermanCyborg Superman – There is even a cyborg version of Superman, making him quite literally a Man of Steel.

Cyborg Monday RobocopRobocop – The only cyborg that will be getting his own statue, thanks to donations on Kickstarter.

Cyborg Monday DeathlokDeathlok – This cyborg of the Marvel Comics Universe certainly isn’t the handsomest of cyborgs.

Cyborg Monday The Bionic WomanThe Bionic Woman – Why aren’t there more female cyborgs? It’s so unfair.

Cyborg Monday Darth VaderDarth Vader – Perhaps the most famous cyborg of them all, and his kinship with machines gives him the unique power to start Volkswagens with The Force.

Cyborg Monday CyberforceCyberforce – A whole team of mutant cyborgs. What more could you ask for?

Cyborg Monday Cy-gorCy-Gor – Part man, part gorilla, and part machine. A rare triple play in the cyborg world.


Cyborg Monday The BorgThe Borg – An entire race of cyborgs.

Join us in celebrating Cyborg Monday, and post about your favorite cyborgs in the comments below.