Jack Black and Jack White Team Up for Jack Gray Collaboration

A long-running Internet joke has finally come to fruition in a pretty awesome way. Over the weekend, Jack Black shared a vlog on his YouTube channel, in which he and Tenacious D collaborator Kyle Gass visit the stomping grounds of fellow musician Jack White. The video, which is appropriately titled "Jack Gray", also revealed that the Black and Gass are recording a collaboration with White.

“Now we’re heading over to Jack White’s house to record a single." the Jumanji star says in the video. "Me and Gass have been working on a jam—it’s not quite done, but I think that’s where Jack White gonna come in and help pull us over the finish line. This is a legendary collab. The D with Jack Black. Everyone’s been waiting for it. Now it’s here.”

While cameras weren't allowed in the studio where the collaboration happened - or in Black's house to begin with - the 17-minute video does feature a bit of a peak behind the curtain into White's world. The video dives into Black and Gass' tour through White's home studio, as well as his Third Man Records.

“Jack White just gave us the tour of the Third Man headquarters,” Black says partway through the video. “It’s an amazing facility.”

The "Jack Gray" collaboration comes after fans have joked about White and Black's complimentary names for years. The trio first publicly crossed paths in June of this year, when Tenacious D uploaded a selfie of themselves with White.

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While there's no telling when the "Jack Gray" collaboration will be released to the public, Black spoke pretty highly of the recording process. The song, which was reportedly recorded on an 8-track, is apparently a "stone-cold jam".


“We just finished recording a new song at Jack White’s home studio." Black revealed. "I wish you could have been filming because it was magical. Me and KG kicked out the jams. In record time—that was a really fast recording session.”

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