Jaimie Alexander’s Dress: More Revealing Photos From Thor: The Dark World Premiere

Jaimie Alexander Dress

It’s celebrity gossip day on Comicbook.com. While we try not to journey into the tabloid arena too often, sometimes comic book news and celebrity fashion collide. The biggest news to come out of the Hollywood premiere of Thor: The Dark World was what Jaimie Alexander was wearing….or not wearing, as she went commando.

Last night, we published one of the first photos released of Jaimie Alexander at the premiere. Now, Marvel Studios has released some additional photos, so we thought our readers might enjoy some additional looks at Alexander’s Azzaro Couture dress. Below are front, side, and rear views of the dress.

Of course, Alexander is not the first Marvel lady to make headlines for not wearing underwear. At the Iron Man 3 premiere, Gwyneth Paltrow attracted attention for a white dress with sheer black sides that revealed she was underwearless.  Which Marvel lady wore less best? Sorry, we couldn’t resist.

Thor: The Dark World opens in movie theaters in the United States on November 8, 2013.

Jaimie Alexander's Dress

Jaimie Alexander's dress Thor: The Dark World premiere

Jaimie Alexander's dress Thor: The Dark World

Jaimie Alexander's Thor The Dark World Dress