James McAvoy Reveals Humorous X-Men: First Class Deleted Scene

(Photo: Fox)

Who could beat Charles Xavier in a fight? Well, according to James McAvoy, a total idiot would be the best bet. In a conversation with IGN about whether Xavier and Harry Potter could beat Frankenstein's Monster in a fight, McAvoy revealed a scene that didn't make the final cut of X-Men: First Class that he equated to such a battle.

He told of a scene where Xavier and Magneto are confronted by someone so dumb, there really wasn't a mind to control. They wind up having to fight him hand to hand, and he even had a great punny catch phrase sort of a line at the end that we'll let you hear for yourself in the video above.


McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe then also compared Harry Potter and X-Men as franchises, saying they had a lot in common. The pair star in Victor Frankenstein, in theaters Wednesday, November 25 from 20th Century Fox.