Japan Wants To Make Their Giant Gundam Walk


The Gundam franchise has captivated audiences for decades and with the 40th anniversary approaching in four short years the Gundam Global Challenge was created. It's aim is to celebrate the anniversary by making a 59-foot-tall RX-78-2 Gundam replica ... walk!

There's one little problem: How? The Gundam Global Challenge is asking fans across the globe to submit their ideas on how to tackle this challenging task. The first round of submissions came and went, but this month a second round of submissions has begun. Closing date of the secondary application is February 29th 2016.

The project is backed by Mobile Suit Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino and a group of educators, engineers, and entertainers.

"To achieve this ambitious goal, we will develop a global project based in Japan, building a project team and collecting ideas and plans from around the world," the official GGC website states. "Cutting-edge technology, global knowledge and a strong passion that goes beyond the borders of countries and disciplines will make GUNDAM move. GUNDAM will bring the greatest entertainment of all time to reality."


(via crunchyroll)

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