Japanese Festival Debuts Impressive Godzilla Statue

Despite our best efforts, it seems like Godzilla just won’t die. The King of Monsters debuted [...]

Despite our best efforts, it seems like Godzilla just won't die. The King of Monsters debuted back in 1954 and is celebrating its 62nd birthday today despite our best efforts to end it. The fall season has welcomed all kinds of homages to the behemoth, but there is perhaps none better than the Godzilla in Fukuoka currently.

Seriously, they built a massive monster sculpture from straw.

As part of the prefecture's annual harvest festival, locals came together to build the huge Godzilla statue. The monument required more than 150 volunteers to finish it, and the 7-meter high beast easily towers above us mere humans. The straw-knitted Godzilla figure even features a 10-meter long tail that features canon scars and skin irregularities.

According to the prefecture's Planning Division, the Godzilla statue was supposed to be completed shortly before October ended. However, the schedule way delayed after several volunteers call in sick and the weather become rough. Godzilla was then finished on October 31st and put on display to eager fans.

If you are wondering how much the statue cost, then you will have to keep guessing. The folks in Fukuoka are keeping quiet about the statue's price tag, but they did say their budget was bolstered by local taxes and support donations. Local volunteers also help cut down costs as students pitched in to finish up Godzilla.

This isn't the only interesting Godzilla monument to debut recently. The other day, Reddit user 'mrcchapman' shared a photo of a Godzilla sculpture in Tawain. The mysterious art piece is made completely out of spray paint cans and has tired ribbing its pointed tail. So far, no artists have taken credit for the installment, but the picture has now gone viral thanks to persistent netizens.

These two sculptures are definitely great homages to Godzilla on its birthday. The iconic creature has had a busy year outside of its recent anniversary. Earlier this year, Japan's Toho Studio revived the franchise overseas with its release of Godzilla Resurgence. Hollywood has also been championing the nuclear beast through Legendary's Godzilla franchise. The production studio has been giving fans updates on the second Godzilla film that will debut before the monster shows down with King Kong.


If you want to check out more Godzilla to honor the icon's birthday, then ComicBook.com has you covered. You can read up on the monster's abridged history here if you're curious about Godzilla and its complicated past.

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