Jena Malone's Casting In Batman V. Superman Confirmed

There are apparently "multiple sources" telling The Hollywood Reporter that Jena Malone has a role in Zack Snyder's Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. This is the closest thing to an official announcement from Malone, Snyder or Warner Bros. that we're going to get, I think.

It's been regularly, repeatedly rumoured that Malone has got some kind of role in the film; when she dyed her hair, much speculation rushed forth that she'd be playing the Carrie Kelley version of Robin.

I'd put money on it, myself. I'll believe The Hollywood Reporter's claim that she's in the film 100%, but the Robin thing... only 90%. For now. But those are good odds.

Malone, of course, has a working relationship with Snyder from Sucker Punch, the most misunderstood film in recent Hollywood history. Except perhaps Man of Steel, which couldn't even have Superman snap somebody's neck and be culpable for the deaths of thousands of citizens without everybody crying blue murder and missing the point entirely. I can't even start to imagine how misunderstood Dawn of Justice is going to be; it just seems fated in the stars that this film is going to rub almost everybody up the wrong way through some comedy misunderstanding.

Now that Carrie Kelley is all but inked in for an appearance in the film, and it's obvious that she's not 13 years old anymore, I'm left wondering what part Catgirl might have in all of this.