Jesse Eisenberg Hopeful For Zombieland 2


Much the entirety of the audiences who watched the original, Zombieland star Jesse Eisenberg is hopeful to see Tallahassee, Little Rock, Wichita, and Columbus reunite on the big screen.

The idea of somehow getting Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, and Abigail Breslin back together on the same set is probably a check book nightmare seeing as all of their careers took off but Eisenberg isn't ruling it out. The villainous star of the upcoming DC Comics movie, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice hopes that it happens.

"I know they’ve been trying to do it for a while, and I know they’re trying to figure out exactly what will occur in it," Eisenberg said of the potential Zombieland 2. "But it’s a kind of movie that, as soon as it came out, seemed appropriate to generate a sequel. It takes place in this odd, created world and features an ensemble of interesting characters that it’d be curious to see more of. I would hope that it happens, and I’m sure everybody would be happy to do it if it happens and it’s good. It’s also a strangely beloved movie, so it’s a thing you have to get right. Some sequels you don’t have to get exactly right, but this is the kind of movie you have to get right because people like it for personal reasons, even though it’s a zombie comedy."

A spinoff series in the Zombieland world was filmed in a pilot form for Amazon Instant Video but never made it past that stage. At least, they realized the world isn't why Zombieland has such an appeal, but it's nicknamed characters, instead.

Silly question, but I'll ask anyway: would you like to see a Zombieland sequel?