Jessica Jones Recap With Spoilers: AKA 99 Friends


People exit a subway station. Jessica narrates how it only takes one word or one suggestion for them to no longer be in control. All they know is an intense need to follow her, photograph her, and not get caught. Kilgrave's spy has no distractions - only an acute focus on her. Fortunately, they're not interested in Luke so he should be safe.

Jessica gets a text message and heads to her office where Audrey Eastman is waiting. She was referred to Jessica by her divorce attorney. Malcolm is trying (and failing) to get into his apartment and the woman is startled. Jessica helps him into his apartment.

Jessica puts her whiskey away and Audrey explains her husband's affairs and lays a photo on her desk. She looks at the window and investigates the apartment and questions Jessica's abilities and commitment. Audrey wants photos of her husband and his "skank" for the divorce so she doesn't have to pay him. She needs to catch him in the act and she tells Jessica Friday night, her husband says he has an appointment but the appointment doesn't exist. Jessica questions whether Audrey has spoken to a well-dressed British man. She hasn't.

Trish calls Jessica and the cops are at her door. She's frightened. Jessica directs her to the safe room and starts to head to Trish's. A neighbor looks on as the cops try to bust through Trish's door. Jessica climbs up the balcony and Trish gets the door for her. Jessica looks at the monitor and sees the cop using a ram to bust it open. The man is trying to find Trish's body because he thinks he killed Trish, according to Jessica.

The cop recognizes Jessica. The other cop is surprised to hear Trish is alright and asks if she has been attacked. She says she hasn't been attacked and the other cop tells her he was a big fan. The other cop questions what happened and Trish shows him the bruises on her neck which are from when he choked her. Jessica escorts him out.

Outside, Jessica explains what happened. She tells him she knocked Trish out. The cop feels awful about trying to kill Trish. Jessica tells him it was Kilgrave was the one who wanted Trish dead, not him. He wants to take action but Jessica insists she has it under control.

Trish gets on the radio for a show. She apologizes for the way she disrespected and challenged Kilgrave during her last broadcast.

The two walk around outside and a civilian taking photographs startles her. She tells Trish about Kilgrave watching her.

Back at her apartment, Jessica deletes photos of Luke. She narrates, saying, she doesn't need reminders of what she did to Luke.

Hogarth is on the phone insisting the man on the phone's clients poisoned people's pets. Jessica storms in and cuts off the potential $50 million settlement. Jessica asks if Jeryn knows Audrey Eastman. Hogarth confirms Audrey is a client and her husband is a partner.

Trish calls Jessica and wonders how she can trust anyone. Jessica has been following Audrey since dawn and explains the situation to Trish, who needs the distraction. Trish asks how she'll know if she is "Kilgraved." Jessica explains he'll show soon because his powers don't last more than 10 or 12 hours and if he doesn't, she'll get the pictures.

Jessica calls the cop and asks for surveillance video. He asks for times, dates, and locations, and she texts them to him. "I've got your six," he assures her.

Jeryn and her receptionist have lunch. Her wife kisses a man inside and leaves. This is the restaurant where Jeryn proposed. The new girlfriend wants to go somewhere else. Hogarth insists she will never crawl back to her wife. Her new girlfriend won't eat there.

Jessica explains that if Audrey is controlled by Kilgrave, it will wear off soon. Audrey enters a building. She puts her things down and starts playing loud rock music. She draws a gun from her purse. Jessica sees her wearing ear protection and firing a gun then busts into the seemingly abandoned building. Jessica approaches with the anesthesia in hand. Audrey continues shooting at manequins. Jessica justifies the woman's actions by wanting to use the gun on her husband, rather than being controlled by Kilgrave.

Later, Hogarth presents Jessica with a number of people who contacted her about being effected by Kilgrave. Jessica starts interrogating them. She hears some ridiculous stories. They describe a man who is not Kilgrave. One man shares an account of when Kilgrave wanted his jacket and he gave it to him despite not actually wanting to give away an expensive jacket. Jessica tells Hogarth to put this man on the list.

Jessica leaves certain people to network with one another. She explains to Hogarth that she's using them to find out everything that happened and everything she can about Kilgrave from these people. Hogarth claims that if Kilgrave was on their side they could solve a lot of problems which really pisses Jessica off. She punches the glass door and cracks it, startling the group inside.

Jessica walks home and is hollered at by men. It frustrates her and she is startled when the cop, dressed casually, stops her. Malcolm is there and the cop quickly approaches, questioning what Malcolm is looking at. Jessica stops him from attacking him and tells the cop about the support group, offering him a way to cope, but he abruptly leaves.

Inside, Jessica watches security footage of herself and tries to find an angle where the pictures were taken from. She narrates that she now knows how it feels to be watched all the time and seen in private moments as she downs the last of her whiskey. She counts her money, stuffs it in her pocket, and grabs the anesthesia before heading out the door.

In the streets, Jessica is stopped by a young girl. She says, "Patsy Walker is safe. You don't have to worry about her for now." She tels her, "The man," told her after he liked her apology. The girl is eight and a half years old and she starts insulting Jessica, saying she could've saved Kilgrave from getting hit by the bus, concluding, "It's Friday, don't you have a job to do?" Jessica grabs the girl and she starts screaming and calling for her mother her rushes over to protect her from Jessica.

Trish gets a doorbell ring from the cop. He is there to make things right and he brought something for her. He tells her it's personal. She tells him to put the box on the floor and go to the end of the hall. He does. Trish quickly grabs the box as he watches. She sits down to open it and sees a gun inside. The cop, dressed casually, approaches the door and asks if she opened it. He just wants her to feel safe. Trish asks if it is legal and he tells her it isn't. He asks if she is still there - she is - and she's pointing the gun at him from the other side of the door.

Jessica follows Audrey's husband, who is carrying flowers. The man enters a building and Jessica stays outside. She debates whether or not she should storm the gates to get the "money shot" but elects not to, in the event that Kilgrave somehow got to Audrey. Instead, she jumps up to the balcony and sees the husband enter another room. Jessica opens the window and follows him. She hears moaning and sees people messing around. Audrey calls her and asks if she followed him then asks where Jessica is. Jessica stops responding and realizes that Audrey is inside. Jessica claims to be bulletproof but Audrey shoots at her and wounds her arm. The "husband" wonders if her powers are real and the wife references the man in the Aston Martin which Jessica stopped a couple episodes back. Jessica speaks of Kilgrave and Audrey questions how many more "gifted" people there are.

Audrey claims the heroes were credited for saving the city but no one said anything about her mother being crushed. Jessica tells her to go after, "The big green guy" or "The flag waver," in reference to Hulk and Captain America, because she wasn't even there. Jessica attacks them and tells them they are the only people who have lost people. She trashes the room and terrifies them while telling them she lost people, too. Her parents died in a car accident. The last time she counted, she had 99 gifted friends in this borough alone, and she's going to tell every one of them about what they tried to do. They hate attempted murder and so do the cops. Jessica tells them the only way to save themselves is to disappear and never be seen again and Jessica and her friends will stop by tomorrow to make sure they're gone.

Jessica showers get the blood off of her. She watches it go down the drain.

Jessica organizes files from the alleged Kilgrave victims in her office.

Trish sits inside her door and tells stories with the cop. He tells Trish the guy who tried to kill her wasn't him. He tried to fight it but couldn't. Trish tells him what Kilgrave did to him, he also did to Jessica. She looks at the gun before opening the door and letting him in.

Jessica walks the streets, paranoid by passers by. She puts her hands out and spins around before starting down the street.

Trish and the cop talk some more. Her hand is steadily on the gun, which is on the table.

Jessica gets a call from Hogarth, who tells her she sent more potential victims to the group and tells her not to take out her problems on the glass walls.

The group discusses stories about their experiences with Kilgrave. One man explains how Kilgrave forced him to leave his son on the side of the street and drive Kilgrave around. He disappeared for a week and was charged for child abandonment. Jessica questions where she drove him and wonders if he ever got pictures from anyone. He met someone every day at 10 AM. The man wore a scarf with blue and white stripes.

Jessica rushes to her apartment to watch surveillance footage. Hours go by and she's growing tired but she plugs away with whiskey as her handy companion. Eventually, she finds the man on a video: Malcolm. She goes to Malcolm's apartment and finds a photo of her in his printer. She becomes emotional while looking at a photo of Malcolm with his grandmother.



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