John Krasinski Wants To Be A Marvel Villain


When Marvel was searching for someone to play Captain America, the studio whittled down their choices to two actors: Chris Evans and John Krasinski. They eventually locked down a reluctant Evans to a 6-picture deal and the rest is history.

Does Krasinski, the former star of The Office, still have interest in working with Marvel after his close call with Captain America? "I'll take a Marvel movie, any time! I love watching them so I'd love to be a part of it," Krasinski told Digital Spy while promoting 13 Hours. "The Captain America thing was hilarious... I had so much fun doing it and got to wear the suit and screen-test and sign my life away that I wouldn't tell anyone."

Krasinski has no hard feelings about losing to Evans. In fact, he would like to play a villain in the MCU, and most of all, fight Evans' Captain America. "Chris is a good friend and very good at what he does, so I was so happy to see him do it," he said. "Maybe now I need to play a villain and fight Chris. That's what we need to do."

Listen to Krasinski's comments in the video below.

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