Johnny Depp: Five Comic Book Characters He Should Play

Pirates Vs. ThorWith Johnny Depp destined to knock Thor out of the top box office spot with his latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie, we started thinking about what comic book characters we would like to see Johnny Depp play. Johnny Depp has an enormous and loyal fan base so if you combined that with the comic book movie fan base, it would virtually be guaranteed box office gold. Johnny Depp also has a knack for playing somewhat quirky characters in a realistic and entertaining way that would likely fit well with several comic book characters out there.

While Johnny Depp did star in From Hell, it was before the current resurgence in comic book movies, and most moviegoers probably never realized it was based on a comic book. Johnny Depp has also been attached as a producer and a possible star in an upcoming Rex Mundi movie, which was published by both Image Comics and Dark Horse Comics. However, we think there are quite a few other comic book characters that would be ideal roles for Johnny Depp, so here is our list.

Johnny Depp as Dr. Strange Dr. Strange – This one is a no-brainer. In fact, there has already been quite a bit of buzz among fans, who would like to see Johnny Depp take on the role of the good doctor. Not only does Johnny Depp look the part of Dr. Strange, but Depp has shined in roles where he’s placed in a surrealistic world. As evidenced by his success in Alice in Wonderland, the mystical world of Dr. Strange would be right up Depp’s alley.

Johnny Depp as The Riddler The Riddler – This one was once rumored to be happening. The only thing that gives us pause for concern is that The Riddler isn’t really a character that plays well into the gritty world that Christopher Nolan has created in The Dark Knight movies. We don’t think Johnny Depp playing an over-the-top Riddler like Jim Carrey did would work. However, we think Johnny Depp playing a creepy, demented, and dangerous Riddler would be a legendary performance. We think Johnny Depp has the skills where he could transform and define the role of The Riddler, just like Heath Ledger defined The Joker.

Johnny Depp as The Sandman Dream – We would love to see a movie made about Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman comic book series, but it would be one of those unusual movies that many studios might be leery of taking a risk on. We think if Johnny Depp was attached to the role of Dream that it would be enough to encourage a studio to fast track the production. Given Depp’s previous expertise in playing pale complexion characters with crazy hair, we could really see him transforming into looking the part of Dream.

Johnny Depp as The Sub-Mariner Prince Namor: The Sub-Mariner – This one might be a little bit of a stretch, because while Johnny Depp could easily pull off the facial look of The Submariner, he would need to bulk up to look the physical part of the character. However, Johnny Depp has gone on record as listing The Sub-Mariner as one of his favorite comic book characters, so he would likely bring a lot of passion to the role. Plus, The Sub-Mariner is one of those lesser known characters that might never make it to the big screen without a helping hand from a blockbuster actor.


Johnny Depp as Plastic Man Plastic Man – The thought of Johnny Depp as Plastic Man first hit us when we saw the ads for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. While Johnny Depp might not have previously jumped to mind as the ideal actor to play Plastic Man, seeing the distorted and twisted image of Johnny Depp changed our opinion. Plastic Man is also one of those quirky characters that we could totally see Johnny Depp getting into. Plastic Man is a role that demands a sense of humor, and we think Johnny Depp could bring just the right attitude to a Plastic Man movie.

Do you agree or disagree with our list? Are there any comic book characters we left off that you think Johnny Depp would be perfect to play? Add your thoughts and opinions to our comment section below.