Joseph Gordon-Levitt Denies Doctor Strange Movie Involvement

Doctor Strange Movie

Another day, another denial form Joseph Gordon-Levitt's reps about a movie he's been linked to. After Latino Review claimed that Marvel Studios wanted Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the lead role in a Doctor Strange movie, Huffington Post contacted Joseph Gordon-Levitt's reps to get their take on the rumor. One of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's representatives said, "Not true."

Of course, Latino Review did note in their original story that Joseph Gordon-Levitt's reps might not even be aware of Marvel Studios interest, so his reps denial doesn't necessarily contradict the story. Marvel Studios was previously rumored to be chasing Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the lead role in the Guardians Of The Galaxy movie, so it wouldn't be completely absurd to think they might be interested in him for another Marvel Character role.

While Joseph Gordon-Levitt might be denying involvement with a Doctor Strange movie, Marvel Studios is definitely moving forward with a Doctor Strange movie. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has previously confirmed that Doctor Strange is part of Marvel Studios' Phase Three plans, but Marvel Studios has yet to officially announce a release date for the film.