Joseph Gordon-Levitt Says Ben Affleck Will Be Great As The New Batman

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Batman

Over the weekend, former Robin Chris O’Donnell weighed in with his opinion on Ben Affleck being cast as the new Batman. O’Donnell felt that Affleck would be great in the role and his casting would really raise the interest level for the movie.

Now, another former Robin has weighed in on Affleck as Batman. Even though Joseph Gordon-Levitt never wore the Robin uniform, it was revealed in The Dark Knight Rises that his character John Blake’s first name was Robin. For all intents and purposes, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was Christopher Nolan’s version of Robin.

When EOnline asked Joseph Gordon-Levitt what he thought about Ben Affleck as the new Batman, Gordon-Levitt said, “That’s going to be great.” And evidently Gordon-Levitt hasn’t been on Twitter for the last couple days, because when asked if he thought the heat that Affleck was taking was unwarranted, Gordon-Levitt seemed confused and genuinely surprised that Affleck was taking heat. Gordon Levitt re-iterated, “Oh, but It’s going to be good. I think it’s going to be good.”

It's a classy response from someone who himself was repeatedly rumored to be in the running to play Batman in future Batman movies or a Justice League movie.