Josh Brolin Reveals What Happened When He Went To A Comic Store To Research Thanos

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

When Josh Brolin went to do some Thanos research for Avengers: Infinity War, he got to meet some fans. He told Conan O'Brien about going into a comic book store down the street from a house he was renting while working on Sicario.

"I didn't know a lot about Thanos," Brolin admitted. "I went into a comic book store wanting to get more information. I walked in and they went apoplectic! I was like, 'What's the deal?' and they were like, 'Thanos! Thanos! Thanos! It's Thanos!'"

"It's only me," Brolin joked to Conan, saying he was the only superhero movie actor to get that kind of reaction. The actor also reiterated earlier statements that the role is the "greatest decision [he's] ever made." He praised Louis D'Esposito and Kevin Feige's guidance and vision for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, saying he's excited to "go play Thanos for a few years!"

Brolin will finally get to dig into Thanos after a couple of small guest appearances in Avengers: Infinity War, a two-part film scheduled for May 2018 and May 2019.