Just in Time for 'Green Lantern': The Ryan Reynolds Comic Book

'Green Lantern' hits theaters this weekend, and Bluewater Productions is capitalizing on the buzz by releasing their latest biography comic book: "Fame: Ryan Reynolds."

And while I don't particularly care for some of the Bluewater titles (Lady GaGa--meh), I have to say I'm pretty excited about Reynolds' book. After all, what's not to like about a guy that's cool, rich, snagged Scarlett Johansson, has the 6-pack I've dreamed about, and TRULY likes comic books?

The comic book follows Reynold's career from early hits like 'National Lampoon's Van Wilder' up to 'Green Lantern'. Written by Mark Poulton and illustrated by Micha Szyksznian, the book hits shelves today.