DC Comics announced Friday via its blog The Source that the upcoming seventh issue of Justice League, to hit in March, will feature guest pencils by Eisner winner Gene Ha as well as the debut of a backup feature by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank that will introduce Captain Marvel into the world of DC's New 52 by way of a backup feature called The Curse of Shazam.

Following a six-issue initial arc by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee which is currently exploring he origins of the Justice League in the new DC Universe, Ha's issue will be the first set in the present day since DC's line-wide relaunch in September. "Who's joined the team?" Teases the DC blog. "What's changed?"

One thing that's confirmed as having changed is the origin of  Shazam (Captain Marvel is not referred to in the post, which may be notable considering the legal complications that have frequently arisen over DC's use of the name). Johns and Frank's story will apparently set up a new status quo for Earth's Mightiest Mortal, something that the character's fans may well appreciate after five years of controversial changes to the franchise that had seen, among other things, an insane Captain Marvel and a corrupted Mary Marvel who dressed like a fetish model and fought for Darkseid during Final Crisis. The Curse of Shazam will unfold as a backup in the title, expanding the page count to what it was originally announced at when DC first solicited issues and said that the $3.99 monthly issues would feature additional content. Up until now, they've filled that space mostly with behind-the-scenes interviews and sketches elaborating on the origins of the New 52.

While no announcement was made regarding who would draw Justice League #8, the blog confirmed that Lee will return to action in Justice League #9, kicking off the first story he'll have drawn featuring the full League in the present day.