Justice League California And New York Variant Covers Revealed

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On Monday, we reported on how the upcoming Justice League of America #1 would get 52 different variant covers. One variant cover for all fifty states, plus Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. How is DC Comics pulling off such a momentous feat of having 52 different variant covers? Well, the answer is that the variant covers really aren't that different. There is one standard look for the cover with the Justice League of America members holding up a flag. And you guessed it, the flag image will be the only thing different about the 52 variant covers. The regular non-variant cover of the issue will show the flag of the United States. The variant covers are illustrated by series artist David Finch. DC Comics will also be making available a shrinkwrapped pack of the standard edition of Justice League Of America #1 plus all 52 variant covers. Here's a look at the standard cover as well the New York and California variants. Justice League of America is scheduled to arrive in comic book stores on February 6, 2013.

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