Justice League Movie To Be Released In 2015

For now, we’re going to file this one in the we’ll believe it when we see it category, but the LA Times is reporting that a Justice League movie is set to be released in the summer of 2015. If the report is true, then that means Justice League would be going up against Avengers 2 in the ultimate comic book movie showdown.

Why is the Justice League movie now suddenly moving forward after years of rumors? Reportedly, it’s because Warner Bros. won a legal victory yesterday in the battle over the rights to Superman. The Justice League movie would include Superman, as well as other DC Comics heroes like Batman and Wonder Woman.

The LA Times credits their source as being “a knowledgeable person not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.” The Justice League movie will reportedly start shooting as early as next year in order to make its summer of 2015 release date. Warner Bros. already has a Justice League script in the works. However, the studio still needs to find a director and cast the lead roles.

It’s likely that Henry Cavill will fill the role of Superman, assuming the upcoming Man of Steel movie is a hit. Christian Bale has already said that he is done playing Batman, so that role will have to be recast. As far as Green Lantern, it's anyone's guess as to if the studio will stick with Ryan Reynolds.