Kevin Smith Pitches Batman Vs. Iron Man As Ultimate DC Vs. Marvel Movie


In the latest "Movie Fights" video from Screen Junkies, guests of the program were asked to pitch a film that pitted Marvel and DC superheroes against each other. When it was time for Kevin Smith to makes his pitch he chose: Iron Man and Batman.

"I want to do the titanic team-up versus, which would be the millionaire, playboy, money fight: Batman versus Iron Man," Smith offered. Then he goes off on a brief Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice tangent explaining how The Dark Knight (Ben Affleck) and the Man of Steel (Henry Cavill) aren't quite the opposites WB are selling them as. "I think it would be more interesting to have two billionaires with questionable...," Smith continued his pitch. "Their parents didn't get to spend their whole lives with them, let's say. Who turn to crime-fighting using money and technology to make their fight."

Listen to Smith's "Batman Vs. Iron Man" pitch in the video below.


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