Kevin Smith Pitches Next Solo Batman Movie


There's reportedly a Batman film trilogy coming soon, and filmmaker, Batman fan and Ben Affleck friend Kevin Smith wants in.

...Well, not really. But when you're on the Internet as much as he is, people are going to ask you things like "how would you do Batman?" and he's always game to answer.

You can check it out in the video below, or read on for the skinny from the host of Fat Man on Batman:

"I'm going to give you two versions," Smith said. "I was going to say Hush, because you get all the characters. In a world where DC is trying to launch the DC cinematic universe, this would be a way to do it and introduce all of Batman's rogues' gallery in one movie. So naturally, that's your money decision right here. But I'm not going to go studio, I'm going to go from the heart."

He said that he'd like to see an adaptation of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, directed by Mad Max's George Miller. "Now, this is a great combination of material and filmmaker," he said. "The man can direct....Give the story of the old Batman to the 70-year-old director who made the amazing-looking Fury Road. It's a no-brainer."

He suggested further that he might reach back out to Batman and Robin's George Clooney, saying that he's got a better Batman in him and it could be interesting to see him try to redeem what happened before.


...Well, I'll say this: it sounds better to me than Max Landis doing a Superman film.

Batman will next be seen in March's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Smith's next film, Yoga Hosers, will launch in January 2016.