Kevin Smith Planning Movie Where Giant Jesus Attacks

Kevin Smith

Remember when director Kevin Smith said that Clerks 3 would be his last movie? Then, Smith snuck Tusk in ahead of Clerks 3 to make another movie before his retirement. Now, it looks like Smith won’t be retiring after all.

In a new smodcast, Smith laid out his new rule for making movies. Smith said, “From now until the day I die, which hopefully is a long time from now, if I ever make a movie, it’s only ever going to be a movie only I could make. That will be my new mantra. It was probably my mantra when I began. But that is it defined.”

So what kind of movie could only be made by Kevin Smith? Well, Smith described a movie that he is currently writing where a giant Jesus attacks the world. The movie is based on a smodcast that Smith did way back on June 5, 2008. The movie idea in the podcast was originally titled The Crapture, but Smith has been writing it under the name “Holy Christ.”

However, during the smodcast, Scott Mosier suggested “Christzilla,” which Smith really liked. Smith is now challenging his fans to try to come up with a better name than “Christzilla.”

In the movie idea, a giant Jesus Christ comes to earth and is throwing the saved up to Heaven. However, the people left on Earth don’t want to die, so they bond with Hell to fight the giant Jesus. Smith explained, “I want to do it like a Godzilla movie for the big fighting stuff.”


Smith even has in mind who he wants to play Jesus. Smith said, “I guarantee you that I could get Russell Brand to play Jesus, because it would only be about two to three days of shooting.”

Smith hopes to make the movie on between a $5 million to $7 million budget. He plans to shoot it after Clerks 3. Smith plans to include some elements similar to after another recent giant monster movie. Smith added, “I’m going to include a little bit of Pacific Rim in there.”