KFC Is Getting into the Taco Game Now

(Photo: KFC France)

Fast-food brands know no boundaries. Taco Bell has ventured into the world of french fries and Burger King made a splash when they revived their Crispy Taco offerings nationwide for a limited time. Now, another go-to fast-food chain has opted-in to the taco game. That's right, KFC has started offering Crispy Chicken Tacos in certain locations in France.

Not just that, but the crispy chicken goodness is a Double Taco-type setup, giving you the best of both worlds — both a hard crispy shell surrounded by a tortilla for that chewy soft shell goodness. Risky choice? Maybe. But KFC's crispy chicken is good and tacos are also good so why not give it a shot, right? Inside the two taco shells lies a crispy chicken tender topped with guacamole, red onion, and shredded cheese. Wait, let's rewind that. The taco comes with guacamole? At no extra charge? We're booking the first flight to Paris.

As of now, the new Crispy Chicken Taco offering is apparently exclusive to locations in France and the KFC France Instagram is taking full advantage of the exclusivity, posting several chicken taco images throughout the week.

It's unclear if KFC and Yum! Brands plan to begin offering the tacos stateside, though we're all sure it'd likely go over pretty well.

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