Kick-Ass 2 Director: X-Force Is The Movie I Want To Make


Jeff Wadlow, the director of Kick-Ass 2 and writer of an X-Force script that Fox is reportedly developing for him to direct, addressed how the project came about during a recent interview, saying that the film was his idea, and not something that he came in to pitch--and that at first, the studio's instinct was actually to make solo superhero films and build to a team movie, but Wadlow discouraged it.

"When they announced that Mark [Millar] was going to be overseeing the title for Fox," Wadlow told Collider in the interview embedded below, "basically, they were talking about all these different ideas for franchises they could build and characters, and I said, 'X-Force. Gotta do an X-Force movie.' They originally said, 'Maybe that’s a second step' and I said 'No, it’s about teams.' That’s what, to me, the X-universe is about. It’s not about doing movies with individual characters and then bringing them together in a team; that’s what Marvel already did with The Avengers. I think the next step is to have these teams and see how they bounce off of each other, that’s where you can have crossover potential. I said, 'The first one’s gotta be X-Force and I want to do it. What’s it going to take?' Mark was really supportive and he’s just been a tremendous ally of mine. I’m really grateful that he went to Fox and said, 'This is the guy.'"

He added, "It’s 100% the version I wanted to do. I worked it out. This wasn’t some open assignment where they were like, ‘Who’s out there that wants to do this?’ When I heard Mark get that job, I said, ‘I want to do an X-Force movie and this is the way I would do it.’ I pitched to him and he gave me a few ideas and some notes, not as a studio mandate, just as a friend and a collaborator. Steve Asbell at Fox heard it, loved it, bought it and said, ‘Let’s do it!’ It’s the movie I wanted to make."

Check out the video below for much more on Kick-Ass 2, X-Force and superhero movies in general.