Kick-Ass 2 Finishing Filming, Three More Mark Millar Movies Shooting in 2013

Mark Millar managed in 140 characters to tell us enough information to keep viewers guessing for quite some time.

Earlier this week, Millar tweeted that production on Kick-Ass 2 will wrap this weekend, and that three Millarworld movies (other than Nemesis, currently being written by Joe Carnahan, who will also direct the film) will enter production after Easter 2013.

The smart money is on at least one of them being Superior, although it hasn't been announced yet. The Secret Service has been announced, though, with Mark Hamill recently confirming his involvement (Hamill appeared as himself in the comic book and was killed).

It's hard to guess what else might be going into production right away, though; while Millar makes comics that are generally very adaptation-friendly, there's nothing he's been particularly teasing above all others.

Any guesses?