Kick-Ass Co-Creator: Batman/Superman Movie Will Earn as Much as Justice League Would

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With box office expectations for his own film dimming somewhat this weekend, Mark Millar--co-creator of Kick-Ass--told Total Film that Batman vs. Superman is "a brilliant idea," because it will do as much money as a Justice League film would have, but without the baggage of having to introduce new characters to the mix.

"I actually think it’s a brilliant idea," Millar said. "Justice League would have been a really weird move for them. Could you imagine doing The Avengers without doing Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and everything beforehand?"

While many fans get passionate about this conversation, Millar seemed to approach it from a fairly business-oriented point-of-view, in keeping with his earlier comments that Justice League seemed like "a good way to lose" a lot of money. He even steered clear of the easy criticism of Green Lantern as a film and stuck to the facts regarding the disappointing DC Comics adaptation, saying that the character would have to be reintroduced because not enough people saw the movie.

"With the Justice League, you’re talking about seven different dimensions that these characters are coming from. The Martian Manhunter comes from Mars, with Wonder Woman you have to explain the Paradise Islands populated by Amazons, the Green Lantern you’ll have to reintroduce because nobody saw the first film and then there’s the Flash, and Aquaman and the undersea kingdom of Atlantis – how on earth do you possibly explain that?" He asked. "That’s seven movies that you’ve somehow got to explain in the first act of a JLA film, so I think they’re really wise in what they’re doing, by just keeping with the two that everybody knows. I actually don’t think that a Justice League movie would have done any more business than Superman Vs Batman. At the moment, nobody really cares about those other characters anyway yet."