Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is Coming to North America


A new Kingdom Hearts game is coming to North America...just not the one fans might have expected. Square Enix announced that Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, a mobile role playing game set in the world of Kingdom Hearts will be released on the Apple App Store and Android Store on Thursday. Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is a prequel to the main Kingdom Hearts series and will tie into the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III, as well as the Kingdom Hearts 2.8 bundle.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X was originally developed as a point and click style web browser game in Japan, but made the transition to mobile devices last year. The game is presented as a "fairy tale" within the Kingdom Hearts, with players taking control of a customizable Keyblade wielder fighting for control of Light in various Disney worlds. Players unlock different stages by using AP, which replenishes over time (or via microtransactions). The game also has a multiplayer mode which allows multiple players to team up and fight super-powered bosses.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X will be free to play, although the game will feature optional microtransactions. Despite the release of the new mobile game, Square Enix has yet to announce a release date for Kingdom Hearts III.