Leaked Batman Vs. Superman Trailer On Conan Show

Batman Vs. Superman leaked trailer

On Tuesday night’s CONAN show, Conan O’Brien weighed in on Ben Affleck being cast as Batman. “There’s a lot of buzz about Ben Affleck being cast as Batman in the upcoming Batman and Superman movie,” said Conan. “Now, some fans don’t think Ben Affleck has what it takes, and there’s been some criticism online and people complaining, comic book nerds upset.”

However, Conan added, “But I disagree, ok. You see, I got my hands on a leaked trailer for the movie. I have to say I think Ben Affleck’s pretty convincing as Batman.” Then, Conan played the leaked Batman Vs. Superman trailer which we’ve embedded below.

While we have our suspicions about the authenticity of Conan’s leaked Batman Vs. Superman trailer, it suggests that an actress/singer who has worked with Affleck in the past plays a major role in Batman Vs. Superman.

Batman Vs. Superman (still not officially titled even though everyone is calling it Batman Vs. Superman) is scheduled to  be released in movie theaters on July 17, 2015.