Legendary Pictures Circles Pokemon Movie Rights

pokemon movie slide
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon is once again the hottest video game franchise in the world thanks to Pokemon Go, a new mobile app that uses a smart phone's GPS and camera to simulate catching Pokemon in the real world. With Pokemon on everyone's minds once again, Deadline is reporting Legendary Pictures may be nearing a deal to make a live action movie based on the Pokemon franchise.

Reports first surfaced earlier this year that several studios were in a bidding war over the Pokemon video game franchise. Legendary, Warner Bros and Sony were all allegedly interested in the video game franchise, which is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary. Legendary was supposedly close to a movie deal, but the talks allegedly went silent several months ago.

If Legendary and Nintendo were to reach a deal, Deadline speculates it could be the biggest video games movie rights agreement in history. Video game movies have traditionally been a tough sell, but studios are hoping to reverse that trend with movies like Assassin's Creed and a Tomb Raider remake.


(via Deadline)