Update: Legends Of Tomorrow Producer Drops New Easter Egg

(Photo: Marc Guggenheim)

Update/Correction: According to a tweet from Marc Guggenheim directly to us, this image wasn't intended as a Metal Men hint at all - it's just the easter egg of the magazine. We noted that Newstime is a DC Universe magazine that once had Clark Kent as E-i-C in our original story, but the producer says that's all there is to it.

Now, we still maintain that Platinum as a choice for the cover, and the Time Masters connection between Hunter and Magnus is an interesting one, but that's just us being stubborn and conspiratorial.

Original Story: We knew Legends of Tomorrow, the third DC Comics series coming to The CW in the Arrow/The Flash universe, was filming already for its Spring mid-season debut. We knew that they'd be bringing in characters from all across DC Comics history.

But a new tweet from Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim tells us something we didn't know: the Metal Men are coming. That's the assumption, anyway, from a tease that includes a mock-up magazine cover that is focused entirely on Platinum - the actual material, not the character, or not yet anyway. The Metal Men were created by Will Magnus, who is also one of the "Time Masters" of which Rip Hunter, played by Arthur Darvill, is also a member.

The magazine itself, Newstime, exists in the DC Universe, and once counted Clark Kent among its employees. So it's just easter egg on top of easter egg here.


The Metal Men are autonomous robots who are each made up entirely of, and attain personalities related to, a single metal. Platinum, Gold, Iron, Lead, Mercury, and Tin make up the team. Platinum is an interesting one to feature, as she's the lone female of the group, and has even had romantic interest in their creator.