Lego Batman 3 Announces Zatanna, Reverse Flash, Black Canary, Captain Cold and More

At London's MCM Expo, Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham continued to roll out the character announcements -- this time with a heavy focus on characters who are, or are likely to be, appearing on ArrowThe Flash and Constantine.

In a series of tweets, the official Twitter account for the game revealed a number of images including the Reverse Flash, Zatanna, Black Canary and Captain Cold.

While Canary shows up on Arrow semi-regularly (the original just died, but there's a new one coming), Reverse-Flash and Captain Cold have already been confirmed for The Flash. An Easter egg or visual gag in Constantine's pilot suggested that Zatanna could play a role down the line.

Both Hawkgirl and Etrigan the Demon, also revealed today, are characters whose roots could coincide with the ancient Egyptian and magical elements of Constantine, although there's been no specific indication that either of the two will play a role at this point.

Earlier in the weekend and also embedded above, The Penguin and Mister Freeze -- both characters appearing on Gotham -- were announced, as well as Platinum from the Metal Men and The Red Hood.


While not all of the characters announced here come from the DC TV shows, and characters like Zatanna and The Red Hood, while they seem likely, aren't yet confirmed, it is certainly a pretty pervasive influence on the game, at least at face value.