Lego Mashup Sees Spider-Man as Bond, Homer as Wolverine & More

Argentinian artist Alexandre Tissier has created a series of photos merging cultural icons with Lego to create new identities.

The concept at plays is taking advantage of Lego's potential to merge concepts -- the way kids tend to do as soon as they get their hands on them.

Here's how Tissier describes the project, more images from which you can see at the link above:

Lego let your imagination travel everywhere, there is no limit, no time, no frontiers, full creativity. You can mix civilizations, characters, periods of time... You create your own fictions with History.

So I decided to adapt this concept to the American pop culture fictions as Marvel heroes, Simpsons, Star Wars etc... trying to use these icons to have a more actual/modern approach with the message. Fiction known by everybody become your own one: Fiction has met Fiction.

Heck, even Batkid (remember him?) gets a shout-out.

...Well, kind of.