Lenin Statue Transformed into Darth Vader in the Ukraine

(Photo: NBC News)

The Ukraine recently banned any communist symbols displayed in the country, including statues like the one of Vladimir Lenin in Odessa. Luckily, local artist Aleksander Milov had an idea to transform the statue rather than take it down: make it Darth Vader.

The new version of the statue includes Vader's helmeted head, replacing Lenin's, and extended his coat into Vader's signature cape. Vader's breathing apparatus was also applied to the front of the statue.

A dedication ceremony included stormtroopers, the Imperial March played over loudspeakers, and a costumed Darth Vader himself pulling the curtain to reveal the new version of the statue.


And just to show the power of the Dark Side, the artists installed a free wifi hotspot for townspeople to use under Vader's helmet. Form and function: is there anything a dark lord of the Sith can't do?