Liberty Comics Raises Nearly $27,000 For Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

The numbers are in for this summer’s Liberty Comics. The comic raised nearly $27,000 for the [...]

The numbers are in for this summer's Liberty Comics. The comic raised nearly $27,000 for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Liberty Comics featured an all-star roster of talent and was published by Image Comics, who is a corporate member of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. "The CBLDF couldn't defend our field's First Amendment rights if it weren't for the efforts of our supporters, and Liberty Comics is an incredible example of that principle in action," CBLDF Executive Director Charles Brownstein said. "The Fund is a team effort that only exists because of the efforts of the whole industry -- from publishers and creators to retailers and fans. With this project, members of each of those communities stepped up to speak up with one voice in support of the Fund's work, and we're tremendously grateful for their efforts." Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson said, "We couldn't be more proud to support the CBLDF and their never-ending battle to defend our medium's first amendment rights. Considering Image's place in the industry as a bastion of independent, creator-owned comics, we feel they're one of the most important institutions in the industry and look to support them at every chance we get." Liberty Comics was conceived by editor Scott Dunbier. Characters such as Hellboy, Danger Girl, The Boys, and Criminal appeared in the comic. Contributors included Mike Mignola, J. Scott Campbell, Garth Ennis, Darick Robertson, Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips, Mark Millar, Darwyn Cooke, John Paul Leon, Art Adams, Rick Veitch, Sergio Aragones and Mark Evanier. All of the contributors donated their work to the comic, and Image and Diamond Comic Distributors donated all of their proceeds from the comic to CBLDF. Liberty Comic quickly sold out, but a second printing will be put out in December with an all-new Thor cover by artist Walter Simonson.