Lines Too Dirty For Deadpool Movie Revealed

tj miller
(Photo: 20th Century Fox)

Fox's Deadpool hits theaters next week and while there's talk of a director's cut being even more "raw" than the theatrical release, TJ Miller sat down with IGN and talked about some of the material and dialog that was too insane even for this movie.

"We had a couple of things," Miller responded when being asked if there was anything that just couldn't be in the film. "Fox actually kinda made me not talk about some of the harsher stuff because I think it got faux-racist...there's some that are just so dark."

Miller talked about something that he said that he thinks made it into the final cut about how he wants Wade to die alone for other people's sake. That one was keeping it mild. "I think there's a very funny one about how 'you look like a trucker s**t on your shoulders and shaped ears into it'."

He mentioned also working with co-star Ryan Reynolds and his improvisational skills with coming up with some of the colorful insults. You can check out the full clip below but be mindful it is utterly not safe for work.

Deadpool hits theaters February 12.