Lois Lane Gets Her Own Street

Lois Lane might not be Superman's wife or even girlfriend anymore in the relaunched DC Comics New 52 universe, but she will soon be getting her own street. A comic book store called That’s Entertainment in Worcester, Massachusetts was able to get approval to have a private road that runs alongside their store renamed to Lois Lane.

On Sunday, December 30, 2012, That’s Entertainment will hold an event to celebrate the recent installation of the Lois Lane street sign for the road. Taking part in the event will be Superman artist Paul Ryan, who will draw an original sketch of Lois Lane on a special commemorative print, at no charge for each attendee while time permits and the supply of prints lasts.

That’s Entertainment will also hold a “Lois Lane Look-Alike” contest during the event. There will even be a raffle to win a hand-signed photo of the first Lois Lane actress, Noel Neill.

According to Wikipedia, "There are streets named 'Lois Lane' in Albemarle, North Carolina; Southfield, Michigan; Pontiac, Michigan; Mussey Township, Michigan; Kalamazoo, Michigan; Bloomington, Indiana; Newport News, Virginia; the Corporate Park of Staten Island, New York City; Nanaimo; Fullerton, California; Sydney; New South Wales; Adelaide; South Australia; San Francisco, California; Old Bethpage, New York; Farmingdale, New York; Seaford, New York; Monroe, New York; Monsey, New York; Fenton, Missouri; Norfolk, Massachusetts; Lexington, Massachusetts; Billerica, Massachusetts; Needham, Massachusetts (also called Barbara Road); and Huntley, Illinois."