LOST Finding Fans Again After Rocky Debut

The New York Times is reporting that last Wednesday’s episode of LOST gained its highest number of viewers since its season five premiere in January. Recently, a very complicated plot involving time warps and Benjamin Linus’ attempt to bring the Oceanic 6 back to the Island may have resulted in a loss of viewership. Not helping matters any was a schedule that pitted the review episode of LOST leading into the ABC show’s season premiere against the Fox juggernaut, American Idol.

Now that the Oceanic 6 are back on the island, fans appear to be coming back. American Idol still led the night, with about 24.4 million viewers compared to LOST’s 11.3 million viewers. Not only were last Wednesday night’s ratings the best ratings that LOST has had since the season five premiere, they were also the best the show has had in the important 18-49 demographic since April of last year.

General fan buzz around Wednesday night's 316 episode of LOST was that it was one of the best LOST episodes ever. Check out Comicbook.com's review and recap of the LOST 316 episode.