M. Night Shyamalan's Tales From The Crypt To Adapt Stories From The Comics

When we first heard about M. Night Shyamalan's reboot of HBO's classic television series Tales From The Crypt, you can say we were a bit worried considering his track record with his most recent films.

However, M. Night is a master of unexpected twists just like the Crypt Keeper and he will be updating original stories from the beloved classic EC comic book series. Remember the ending of The Village and The Sixth Sense?

The new Tales From The Crypt will air on TNT sometime in 2017, meaning it won't be as violent or gory as the original cult classic series, comic books or movie. At the time the original was released on HBO, there was nothing else on TV that could even compare.

In a recent interview with Crave, M. Night did confirm that his new Crypt project will be based on stories from the original EC Comics which he is currently curating:

"These are the comics, yeah. I have a folder of my favorites, like my twenty or thirty favorites. I'm trying to remember them. I mean they're so weird. There's one where there's a bewitching one, where an old lady bewitches and takes the wife, and the husband has to figure it out. He keeps the old lady in the closet but that's really his wife now. They've swapped, you know? And he can't kill this woman but she's now a beautiful woman."

Because it was aired on HBO, the original Tales from the Crypt was one of the few anthology series that was free from censorship, which unfortunately won't be the case for the remake.

(Photo: HBO)

As a result, the 7 season series focused on things that weren't allowed on television at the time including graphic bloody violence, profanity, sexual activity, nudity and of course, gore.

The series featured stories of murder, greed, lust, terror, and the supernatural, with touches of punny humor sprinkled on top, and a surprise twist at the end.

M. Night even admitted to having to sneak over to a friend's house to watch it:

"I grew up in an immigrant Indian house so it was very forbidden. Even HBO at that time was like, that's not appropriate. You shouldn't be watching it. So we didn't have that. So I'd have to sneak over to my friend's house, sleep over there. I went over to Michael Popky's house to watch it."


As far as we know M. Night will not be taking the place of the iconic Crypt Keeper, Either way, we'd love to hear that terrifying cackle again!

The new Tales From The Crypt is set to air on TNT sometime in 2017.