Machinima Releases Street Fighter: Resurrection Trailer

(Photo: Machinima)

Nash is back, and he's all out of bubblegum.

Machinima has unveiled the newest trailer for their upcoming Street Fighter: Resurrection film, and the film seems to revolve around the presumed dead character Nash coming back for Bison's head.

Why Ryu or Ken would want to stop him from that, who knows really, but regardless of their motives we get a small look at the throwdown between the three, and some glimpses at some of the other characters involved with the story.

We also get a glimpse at Nash's move set and a pretty slick looking Hadoken fireball from Ryu. It does make me wonder why Chun-Li isn't featured, but presumably, there are going to be other fighters involved from the trailer. Street Fighter has a rocky track record with film, so any step in the right direction would be a plus.


For those unfamiliar, Nash was a friend of Guile, and originally was thought dead (hence why Guild entered the tournament in the first place), but was evidently revived. You can watch Street Fighter: Resurrection on go90 on March 15th to find out how and why.