Madman Atomic Comics Ending


Prepare to see Madman Atomic Comics coming to an end this August as creator Mike Allred concludes an entire series' of stories in one final blockbuster issue and his new album, “The Gear: Left Of Center Of The Universe.” Both the comic book and the album feature the return of characters from his critically acclaimed hit, Red Rocket 7. "Madman Atomic Comics marks the end of an era, but definitely not the end of Madman at Image," Allred said. "Madman Atomic Comics was a really fun time for me, Laura, Madman and friends. Working at Image gave us an unprecedented freedom with the book, allowing us to experiment like never before! I hope fans have enjoyed the trip thus far and will be back with us on the next leg once we get to it!" Madman Atomic Comics #17 ends a nearly two year run for the series, the longest for Allred and Madman for consecutive issues. The final issue will show his well loved superhero series conclude stories in the making since it started. Allred's run produced some very popular issues, including his tribute to the entire history of comics where each panel featured a different style of a famous creator. The last issue will also tie in with his Red Rocket 7 series in continuity for the very first time, leading in to his second, long-awaited album, “The Gear: Left Of Center Of The Universe.” “The Gear: Left Of Center Of The Universe”energizes the psychedelic space rock influences first introduced on the initial album. The new album also features special guest musicians including The Dandy Warhol's Courtney Taylor-Taylor. Additionally, the August release is a limited edition Direct Market exclusive released well in advance of the mainstream edition and will include exclusive tracks not available anywhere else. Madman will return in a different form at Image Comics to be announced at a later date. Madman Atomic Comics #17 is scheduled to arrive in comic book stores on August 19, 2009. “The Gear: Left Of Center Of The Universe” is a full-length audio CD. It will retail for $12.99 with a signed edition available for $24.99. The CD is scheduled to arrive in stores on August 12, 2009. The Red Rocket 7 collection paperback and hardcover are currently available in stores.