Maggie's Diagnosis Will Be Revealed In The Walking Dead Season 7

TWD Maggie 616

Warning! Spoilers for The Walking Dead season six finale follow.

The Walking Dead's season six finale ended with the biggest cliffhanger of the entire series. Negan swung away on someone's head with his vicious looking baseball bat and the audience has no idea who it landed on.

The major cliffhanger was so overwhelming that people are overlooking Maggie Greene's current situation. After all, her pregnancy complications are the reason the group was headed to the Hilltop and ended up cornered by the Saviors.

When The Walking Dead returns, we'll find out exactly what's going on in Maggie's belly, according to showrunner Scott Gimple.

"I don't want to say exactly what it is but the exact diagnosis will be shared one way or the other," says Gimple. "We'll find out one way or another what happened."


Gimple obviously doesn't want to take Maggie off the list of candidates for Negan's victim but we can only assume no one will be performing an autopsy on her mangled body to find out what happened to her pregnancy.

In the comics, Maggie had a few complications at the same time she did on TV which led the group to the Hilltop. However, her baby ended up being born healthy and named Hershel. We'll have to wait and see if the TV series plays out the same way starting with its return in October.