Man In Spider-Man Costume Rescues Couple In Burning Car

An entertainer dressed as Spider-Man became a real hero yesterday when he rescued a pregnant woman and her partner when their car caught fire, reports the Eastbourne Herald.

Lucy Day of Eastbourne, was driving her partner, Stephen Grant to the hospital after he accidentally cut off his finger in a lawnmower when the car suddenly burst into flames on Saturday, the paper reports.

They were traveling with their three year old and were stranded on the road side, but children's entertainer Tom Roche, on his way to a child's birthday party in the Spider-Man suit, had passed the couple going the other way and had noticed that the Range Rover was leaking fuel and smoking.

“We could smellunburnt petrol and could see smoke pouring out from under the car. It was like something out of an action film, I was expecting the car to explode at any second," Roche said. "We tried flagging them down and when they stopped I was shouting at them to get away from the car. We called them over to us and they got in the car. She was saying ‘we need to go to hospital’, so we drove over there as quick we could."