Man of Steel Mondo Posters Previewed


Mondo have released preview images for a pair of Man of Steel-themed posters that will be available via their website.

The first, which will go on sale Thursday, Ken Taylor’s illustration of a young Clark during simpler times, as depicted by the cape-wearing Cooper Timberline (check out our interview with him here) in Man of Steel.

The poster will be available for $50 in a limited edition of 300, or in a silver toned variant for $75 (only 75 will be made).

ANSIN-MANOFSTEEL-R-PRESSThe other poster is by Martin Ansin; a limited-edition metal variant will run you $300 and be limited to 130 copies. The standard edition, though, won't have a set print run. Rather, it will be sold via a timed sale. Here are the details, per Mondo:

We will put the poster on sale for 3 days. We will start the sale at 12:01AM CST on Friday, June 14th and the sale will be open until 12:01AM on Monday, June 17th. No purchasing limits. No sold out tweets. You will have a full 72 hours (3 days) to buy this. The edition will be determined by how many are sold in that amount of time. After that, the edition will be closed, printed and never reprinted again. We will let you guys know via Twitter on Monday what it came out to. Please note that we are located in Austin, TX and are operating on central standard time. So, it’s midnight according to our local, Austin, TX time zone.